Friday, October 1, 2010

Why George Will is dangerous

George Will's column in the September 20th issue of Newsweek is about climate change, the title of the which is, "The Earth Doesn't Care." Basically his column summarizes an article published in The American Scholar by physicist Robert Laughlin titled "The Earth Doesn't Care if You Drive a Hybrid." Laughlin explains in his article that our current climate crisis is unimportant relative to geologic time. Geologic time basically covers the history of our planet or 6 billion years. While there is nothing wrong with an article on geologic time in and of itself there is a problem when that artricle sugests our climate crisis or "global warming" is unimportant because the earth has gone through many climate changes and shifts over the millennia so not to worry. Comparing geologic time to the climate crisis completely misses the point. The climate crisis Mr. Laughlin and Mr. Will has to do with the survival of people not the planet. Of course the planet will continue on but this is about our way of life and the survival of of the human race.
So what makes Laughlin an expert?  He is after all a physicist not a biologist or a climatologist. And why is Will quoting him? To further his political agenda.  And this is what makes him and others like him dangerous. Millions of dollars are poured into organizations, "think tanks" and foundations to put forth propaganda regarding climate change. Oil money flows like gold, money falling from the sky, these infinitely deep pockets pour forth some of their bounty into making sure the price of oil doesn't drop. This money buys great influence and Will along with many others are willing soldiers. There to manipulate the unsuspecting public with their misinformation typically under the guise of bad science for those who can't recognize the good from the bad.  And all too often, unfortunately, politics his rolled into the mix. Climate change should not be a political issue. It is not right or left. It is science pure and simple. But with BIG money involved in keeping the status quo politics becomes a needed tool and the undereducated American public the unwitting pawns.

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