Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ellen Page speaks out on Facebook about climate change

Actress Ellen Page has been speaking out recently on climate change on her Facebook page. Her most recent post is a link to an  Alternet page that references an excellent National Journal piece, “GOP Gives Climate Science A Cold Shoulder.”

Columnist Ronald Brownstein quotes conservative British Foreign Secretary William Hague who visited the U.S. last week.
"Climate change is perhaps the 21st century's biggest foreign-policy challenge," Hague declared in a New York City speech. "An effective response to climate change underpins our security and prosperity." The danger was no longer just distant thunder, he suggested, warning that the recent devastating floods in Pakistan heralded the sort of extreme events that will become more common in a warmer world. "While no one weather event can ever be linked with certainty to climate change," he said, "the broad patterns of abnormality seen this year are consistent with climate-change models."

It will be difficult for the world to move meaningfully against climate disruption if the United States does not. And it will be almost impossible for the U.S. to act if one party not only rejects the most common solution proposed for the problem (cap-and-trade) but repudiates even the idea that there is a problem to be solved. The GOP's stiffening rejection of climate science sets the stage for much heated argument but little action as the world inexorably warms -- and the dangers that Hague identified creep closer.
So let's hear it for Ellen Page. I think it's great when celebs put their fame to good use.

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